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3 Benefits Of Having Video On Your Website
July 12, 2016




    Your customers want to know who they’re dealing with. At least in a sense of the brand you’re behind. The experience between text on a screen and an engaging video experience is growing to be a one sided competition. Older generations favorite TV personalities might come in the form of late-night or daytime talk show hosts, while younger generations might turn to sites like YouTube to find people talking about more niche topics. The thing I can see about people who’ve found success in front of the camera is energy and passion. Creating video content around a topic that you’re passionate about will go a long way in helping solidify you in the minds of your audience. People can tell when you care and when you don’t, in person and on video. So you can try and fake doing what’s popular or you can be yourself and realize that there are plenty of successful content creators in the most niche of markets. Your web copy can only go so far when trying to deliver your companies message. With the endless amounts of data backing video marketing the only question you should be asking is, “Where do I sign up?”



    Video is easy to setup and get going. For under $1,000 dollars you can have the same level of production quality that YouTuber’s with millions of viewers have. People get caught up in blaming the equipment as the reason they haven’t integrated video. Whether it’s them saying it’s too expensive, too technical, or whatever the case, they’re just excuses. Viewers just want the information so there’s no need to make a big deal out of fancy production equipment. HD is the lowest standard of quality accepted by most audiences and I can’t think of a modern camera that doesn’t provide this feature. Don’t get caught up in thinking about the right equipment, if you’re saying exactly the right thing, or if you’re saying it exactly right. You’ll only get better with practice. Sites like Fiverr give you the opportunity to outsource parts of the project, at a very reasonable price I must say, so that you can focus more on your strengths while you delegate more demanding work.



    Anybody can do this! There may be mental barriers, like fear of judgement, but if you love your product or whatever it is that you do then you should have no problem talking to a camera one-on-one or you might even think about bringing a friend on with you. It’s about what’s doing best for the business. If video will increase traffic, which the data suggests it does, then I think it’s good to think about how your unique personality will help sell it. We all have different ways of imaging something when we read about it online depending on how well the writer created imagery around the scenario. To use video means to accurately show the end user the intended value of your product. Recent movie Joy, starring Jennifer Lawrence, based on Joy Mangano, shows perfectly the value of getting the product into the hands of an experienced user and letting the demonstration speak alongside your commentary.

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