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3 Reasons To Conduct A Marketing Audit
July 12, 2016


1.     Make sure you’re marketing for our times!

I honestly can’t remember the last television or radio ad that actually made me do something. For one, as soon as an ad comes on I’m either changing the station or channel, or much more common, I’m picking up my phone to entertain me. Anybody living can tell you that the cell phone is one of the most powerful devices around today. Although they may not say it like that. They may say that they can communicate with anyone on social media, including CEO’s and artists, or anyone else you may have may not have been able to easily get in contact with 10 years ago. They’ll tell you that they can have access to all public information within seconds. These sound like some pretty powerful things to me. With 16-24 year old spending much less time with traditional media it’s best to recognize that mobile is really happening and you need to tailor your marketing to it.

The landscapes are rapidly changing and you need to be out there actively learning about where the tide is taking us. With all of these new platforms, taking the time to figure out the best medium for your message will help to go a long way in saving you time and money. Understand where your users are focused and you think about how you can best tell your companies story through these platforms. Performing a marketing audit will help ensure that you are using up-to date practices and gives you the opportunity to cut ties with the old way of doing things.

2.     Follow the attention of your consumers.

You have a marketing budget and I will assume that it’s in your companies wishes that you stay within that budget, so why waste money on things not working? Performing a marketing audit will help you be more honest with yourself about where your company’s resources are being placed. More importantly, you’ll see if they’re aligned with where the end user is spending their time online. With Snapchat capturing the attention of 30% of the millennial population and having sent more than 9,000 snaps per second, there shouldn’t be any second guessing about jumping on board it’s train! It’s a shame how few companies out there are taking advantage of this platform because they view it as “juvenile.” For anybody with that point of view look at some of the big hitters winning on the platform like GE, Gatorade, and Warby Parker. The proof is in the data.

3.     Data is key here.

Knowing how to target an audience will go a long way in helping you sell your product. Data is the lifeblood of marketing. To understand where your audience’s attention is focused means understanding the best way to reach them. Understanding your audience and their intention gives you an opportunity to reverse engineer the sale. Following a user’s intention will help you better plan your marketing efforts. In this day and age, the amount of analytics that can be gathered is kind of amazing. Performing a marketing audit will help you see where you have holes in your data collection.

The way Facebook marketing lets you set different parameters to reach different sets of people gives you the opportunity to truly optimize your efforts when it comes to being organic in your efforts. What will work with one group and one set of parameters may not work as well with another but two different individual efforts targeted and created individually with each respective group in mind will yield you better results than a cookie cutter approach. A marketing audit can save you from this, “one size fits all,” way of doing things.

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