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3 Ways To Better Your Mood Through Your Environment
July 12, 2016


1.      Clean

Taking the time to consciously go through your home will help you recognize the things that you look at everyday that may be causing unnecessary clutter in your life. Organization can lead to better productivity, many of us already know this, but one of the biggest benefits I see in my life as a result of organization is balance. In a practical sense balance translates to having more control over one’s time and attention. The daily mental burden of clutter can be taxing in the long run. It’s best to get your home life sorted as soon as possible and watch the residual effects.

2.     Decorate

Plain white walls can be quite depressing, unless you’re into that sort of thing. Think about the many ways your current home decor is influencing your mood, on more of a subconscious level. This can quickly give you some ideas on how you want to go about decorating your living space. Perspective is important in life and your home can easily influence that perspective, in either a positive or negative way, depending on how you choose to surround yourself. Something as simple as rearranging the room when you’re stuck in a rut can help unblock mental barriers and change your way of looking at things. You have the power the mix things up a you can do this with as little as a bit of imagination.

3.     Travel

After you have your castle squared away, one of the best ways to revitalize yourself is to take a trip! Changing your scenery is a proven way to rewire your brain and change your perspective. A weekend trip somewhere, whether it be local or distant, can open up your mind to new ways of thinking. Recall the last time an out of town relative came for a visit and you took them around town and watched the amazement on their face as you toured them around your city. Things that may seem commonplace to you are all apart of a brand new world to someone else. Take this opportunity to be the one with the look of amazement on your face.

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